Dr. Trudy Meehan

Dr. Trudy Meehan

Clinical Psychologist

About me

I am committed to thriving, playfulness, and wellbeing. I believe people have the capacity for healing within themselves. My role is to ask the right questions and scaffold healing with a combination of the best of scientific knowledge and a creative spirit. I consider mind-body connections, as well as the person in their social environment. I believe in whole-person health and work from a Lifestyle Medicine and Positive Psychology informed perspective. I have published in scientific journals on the use of art and narrative therapy in mental health settings. I pride myself on meeting every client with compassion, an open mind, and a playful heart. I am always striving to deliver creative, evidence-based, practical solutions to my clients.

I have 20 years of experience in providing psychological services to individuals, couples, families and organisations. I have experience as a Senior Clinical Psychologist both in Child and Adolescent Mental Health and the Psychiatry of Later Life in the HSE.

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